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Pedagogy Playground curates resources to facilitate innovative pedagogy and student engagement in higher education. This site helps educators build a toolbox of teaching methods while facilitating joyful experimentation in the classroom.

I’ve always been interested in pedagogy and experimentation in the classroom, but in my first year teaching full-time, I forgot to have fun. This led to stale patterns of reusing the same types of activities. As I started to mix things up again, I realized that having fun and experimenting with new pedagogical techniques makes me and my students happier. Having a bag of tricks keeps my teaching fresh and engaging, and so with this site, I hope to help others try new teaching strategies and have more fun trying new things in the classroom. As you start to build a toolbox of methods you love, you can treat them like Legos, interchangeable units that you can build together to create dynamic and varied lessons.

On this site, I also curate resources on pedagogical topics and issues in higher education, offering short reflections and book reviews. I will also share curated lists of interdisciplinary resources for integrating current events into the university classroom. While my expertise lies in the humanities (in history, specifically), I seek examples relevant to a range of disciplines. I encourage you to leave your own experiences and examples in the comments.

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