My Pedagogy

My pedagogy:

  • Prioritizes active engagement: I design classroom activities to engage students and provide all of them opportunities for hands-on participation via activities in and out of the classroom.
  • Values students’ voices: I firmly believe that all students can offer valuable contributions to the classroom, and that my voice is not the only that matters. I frequently integrate opportunities to discuss topics in pairs, small groups, and the full class so that students can share their experiences and opinions with each other.
  • Enables students to create products: I prioritize project-based learning with projects ranging from big to small. Students produce real-world products that provide them the opportunity to develop skills and experiences that will be useful to them throughout their education and early career.
  • Fosters public interaction and community engagement: This is critical to my work as a public historian. Creating products that are accessible to the public, students extend their audience beyond the educator and beyond the classroom to the publics that surround us. Engaging with public audiences enables students widen their worldview and create products that matter.
  • Links past and present: To understand the present, we have to understand the past. Context matters! Students in my courses work with primary and secondary sources to contextualize the present with the past.